Idanha-a-Nova Gerontological Plan

The Municipal Gerontological Plan intends to define strategic aging policies, based on the real needs of the population, as well as the optimization of resources and equipment at local and regional level. It is a determining factor for the quality of life of the elderly and their communities and aims to be a well-founded instrument for:

  • Development of territorial aging policies;
  • Elaboration of articulated actions for the elderly;
  • To orient the Municipality towards the insertion of the elderly and the promotion of their health and well-being;
  • Propose projects that fit the active aging of populations;
  • Support the provision of quality care and services;
  • Promote inter-institutional collaboration;
  • Framing the strategies and action plans of the different social and economic agents represented in the Council whose objective is the development of innovative practices and research in the area of ​​aging.


Entities involved

  • IPCB (Promotor)
  • Câmara Municipal de Idanha-a-Nova (Client)



  • Mª João Guardado Moreira
  • Vítor Pinheira
  • Carlos Maia
  • Eugénia Grilo
  • Paula Godinho


Funding Source: Município de Idanha-a-Nova


End Date

January/February 2019