Idanha-a-Nova Gerontological Plan

The Municipal Gerontological Plan intends to define strategic aging policies, based on the real needs of the population, as well as the optimization of resources and equipment at local and regional level. It is a determining factor for the quality of life of the elderly and their communities and aims to be a well-founded instrument […]

PerSoParAge – Personal and social resources for autonomy and participation in an ageing society

The inside country is the most aged region of Portugal, with common problems that demands the construction of knowledge that responds to specific regional contexts, to achieve effective social and territorial cohesion. This project analyzes the territorialization of ageing, that is, how the territories and its human and material resources respond to aging and problematic […]

Move_Aged – Implications of topographic differences in the lives of older people in Spain and Portugal.

(Projeto individual de Portugal) Projeto coordenado – Ser mayor y vivir en un barrio con barreras topográficas. Las infraestructuras de movilidad urbana vertical como elementos integradores e inclusivos de los ancianos The objective of the project is to assess the impact of vertical urban mobility infrastructures on the lives of elderly people with mobility problems […]

IPCB and local authorities want to give opportunities to aging regions

in Reconquista (08/11/2017) – The Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco has just launched a project to intervene in the aging zones, in partnership with the albicastrense and idanhense autarchies. The initiative is extended to Bragança, Portalegre and Guarda. The name of the project may be difficult to pronounce (PerSoParAge), but translated means the search for […]